These innovative solutions will help you stay on track with your fitness goals

Insufficient physical activity is linked to serious health issues, but tech gadgets can help you stay fit
Goqii Vital, a smart wristband, keeps track of your activity and measures your heart rate and blood pressure
Activ5, a “tiny gym in your pocket”, is designed for static exercises that can increase users’ muscle strength
The Trendy Pro device keeps track of a child’s daily activity, counting calories burned and even tracking sleep
CloudCup, a smart water bottle, is designed to keep track of how much water you’re consuming throughout the day and help you stay hydrated
The Lenovo HS10 is a smart scale, accompanied by a smartphone app, that measures your weight and provides metrics on your BMI (body mass index), BMR (basal metabolic rate), visceral fat, and more

Due to our busy lifestyles, we often neglect our health, and lack of physical activity together with stress are affecting all generations, leading to serious health issues. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, insufficient physical activity is linked to bowel cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and dementia.

If you want to keep your body and mind healthy, going for a run or a 10-minute walk will usually do the trick. But thanks to technology, working out has never been more enjoyable. There are plenty of gadgets on the market that will help you stay fit. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, chances are you’ll find these solutions highly useful.  


Goqii Vital fitness band

Dubbed Goqii Vital, this smart wristband will not only keep track of your activity, but also measure your heart rate and blood pressure. Though this innovation isn’t a replacement for traditional blood pressure measuring devices, it does give users a general idea of their blood pressure metrics. This battery-powered device is equipped with an OLED display that’s designed to be visible even under bright sunlight, which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Goqii Vital is also accompanied by a smartphone app available for iOS and Android users. Through the app, users can interact with their own Goqii coach. But before they choose their coach, they’re required to fill out a questionnaire and provide information about their lifestyle, as well as their weight and height measurements. Based on users’ profile, the coach will create a workout plan and track their progress.


Activ5 workout device

With the help of fitness technology, you can exercise anytime and anywhere, which is exactly what Activ5 offers. Described as a “tiny gym in your pocket”, this small portable device is designed for static exercises that can be performed at home, in an office, or even on a plane. By squeezing the device, users can actually strengthen their muscles. In fact, the company claims that after six weeks of using the device, users’ muscle strength will increase by 30 per cent. While the user is squeezing Activ5, sensors embedded into the device will measure the intensity and send the data to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. The app provides more than 100 static workouts that can be adjusted to the user’s fitness level. Every time a user completes a specific exercise, the results will be stored in the app.

Activ5 is powered by a battery that’s expected to last up to a year, depending on how often the device is used. Also, more than one person can use the device. Simply create a different profile in the same app and let your family members, even your kids, enjoy the convenience of Activ5.


Trendy Pro fitness tracker

Activ5 isn’t the only kid-friendly device on the market, though. Trendy Pro’s wristband, for instance, was also developed with children in mind. The rise of the internet has made children physically inactive, and they’d rather spend hours in front of a computer screen playing video games than playing with their peers in the park. Over the years, numerous studies have shown the importance of being physically active, especially while young. For instance, it’s been suggested that a child needs to spend an hour every day on some kind of physical activity to develop normally.

Since fitness trackers are great in motivating adults to start working out, they can do the same for children, too. The Trendy Pro device keeps track of the child’s daily activity, counting calories burned and even tracking the user’s sleep. It can also be connected to a smartphone and will feature call notifications and social media alerts on its HD screen. The Trendy Pro fitness tracker is waterproof and shock-resistant, too. It comes available in several different colors, including pink, blue, and red.


CloudCup smart bottle

Anyone who’s into working out should know that staying hydrated is essential for maintaining our health. However, we often forget to drink enough water during the day, and we rarely know how much water we should be drinking in the first place. To make things easier, CloudCup provides a solution.

CloudCup is a smart water bottle designed to keep track of how much water you’re consuming throughout the day. This smart bottle is accompanied by a smartphone app that will set your water consumption goals based on factors such as weight, height, and age. To achieve your goal, CloudCup will remind you when it’s the right time to take a sip of water. The bottle is available in two versions: CloudCup Office, which is made from plastic and is suitable for the office or home, and CloudCup Sport, which is made from stainless steel and is ideal for outdoor use.


Lenovo HS10 smart scale

Most people decide to start a fitness adventure for three reasons: to lose, gain, or maintain weight. While traditional body weight scales do a decent job in measuring your weight, there are other, more innovative solutions on the market. Take the Lenovo HS10 as an example. This smart scale, accompanied by a smartphone app, will not only measure your weight, but also provide metrics on your “BMI (body mass index), body fat/water, muscle mass/bone mass, visceral fat and BMR (basal metabolic rate).”

To get this data, users should provide the required information, including their age, height, and gender. Sensors embedded into the scale will then determine their body score in 10 seconds. Lenovo also paid a lot of attention to the aesthetics of this device. The top of the scale is made from high-quality glass, while its bottom half is plastic. Below the glass, there’s a hidden display that turns on once the user steps onto the scale. The HS10, featuring a 180-kilogram capacity, is battery-operated, and according to the company, the batteries will last up to six months.

Although some blame technology for our lack of exercise, various innovations on the market prove quite the opposite. From fitness wearables and smartphone apps to smart scales, staying fit is easier than ever before. Since working out has become accessible and convenient, you no longer have an excuse not to start your fitness journey. So, grab your water bottle, and get in shape.


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